Thank you for helping stroke survivors fight back

Thank you for helping stroke survivors reach their goals in recovery!


“If you can take anything out of my stroke story,” says Setten, “It’s the impact of encouragement.”

Setten means the encouragement to keep going. And the encouragement it takes to get started in the first place!

When Setten, an active husband and father, had a stroke at the age of 46, finding the will to move forward in recovery was vital.


“About four weeks later in the intensive care unit it hit home that I might not fully recover…” he says. “Stroke is like a switch. It suddenly flicks and changes your life. You can’t reverse it! But you can find a way forward.”

- Setten, stroke survivor

The Stroke Foundation team work day and night to provide hope to survivors in recovery – and our amazing Australian researchers are continually trying to unlock the mysteries of the brain to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.

Your invaluable support has made a difference to the lives of all those affected by stroke!

The truth is, recovery is possible – even if the journey is long. With the research you help to fund, and a lot of encouragement and hard work, people like Setten can find a path to their new normal.

Setten says, “My main goal is getting better – whatever that means is whatever I get.”

As you’ll read in the Stroke Matters newsletter for Setten that means getting up and walking!

“A year ago I was in a wheelchair,” Setten says with a smile. “And now I’m on a walker.” He’s also swimming off the pier at North Narrabeen and using Sydney’s northern beaches as a gym with his intrepid carer, Paul (and likeminded adventurer)!

It’s impossible not to be inspired by Setten’s incredible commitment to reaching his goals.

Thank you to all our supporters who stand with us in the fight against stroke. Please donate today to ensure Stroke Foundation can continue its vital work to stop stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.