Did you know they keep patients awake during brain surgery to remove clots? Incredible, isn’t it?!

The surgery is called endovascular thrombectomy. It’s one of the most exciting medical advancements in stroke of our generation! And it saves lives.

Advancements in medical research save lives every day. And the truth is you never know when the next breakthrough might save your life, or the life of someone you love.

Stroke survivor Melissa wasn’t expecting to be lying on an operating table, awake while a surgeon operated on her brain, saving her life.

Melissa suffered a catastrophic stroke to the right side of her brain. The stroke caused the left half of her face to droop, and she couldn’t lift her arms or walk properly.

Thankfully Melissa was one of the lucky ones. Her husband Simon recognised the signs of stroke and called triple zero (000) straight away.

“I was lucky to be at home when I suffered the stroke. I was lucky my husband knew what to do. And I was lucky that within three and a half hours, my stroke was diagnosed, and I received life-saving clot retrieval surgery.”
Melissa, stroke survivor

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Melissa recalls that within minutes of the clot retrieval surgery, one of the theatre nurses looked down and said, “Oh my goodness, look at her face”. Melissa’s facial droop had begun to resolve. A few minutes later she could lift both arms. In Melissa’s own words, “I was back!”

Incredibly, Melissa walked out of hospital just six days later. What would otherwise have been a deadly – or catastrophically disabling – stroke was reversed following a 15-minute miracle surgery!

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