In Australia up to 500 children every year have a stroke. Many people don’t know that stroke can happen at any age… even children can have a stroke.

How it affects each child depends on the area of their brain that has been injured, and how badly. Recovery is usually most rapid in the weeks and months after their stroke but can continue for years.

Some children, like Hannah, who was only six when she had a catastrophic stroke, have to start from scratch.

“The stroke took everything from Hannah, everything she had learned in her six years of life was gone. Hannah had to learn everything from scratch, how to roll over, sit up, walk, jump, swallow, speak, chew, and spit.”
- Sylinda, Hannah’s mum.

With your support we’ll be there to help families navigate the long road to recovery.

We recently launched Our Family’s Stroke Journey, a resource specifically designed for child survivors of stroke and their mums, dads and siblings.

Our Family’s Stroke Journey offers insights into the road ahead, answering questions and sharing stories from families who’ve been affected by childhood stroke. There are also brochures to help family and friends understand what childhood stroke is.

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Your gift will BRING HOPE to childhood stroke survivors like Hannah, and their families, by helping us deliver vital resources like Our Family’s Stroke Journey. For children and families impacted by childhood stroke, this kind of support is literally life changing.

Sylinda knows all too well the importance of hope in recovery. She says, “We know recovery from stroke is lifelong. No matter how bad the day has been we rise the next morning filled with optimism.”