Rob Green interview

What does it mean to you to be named a finalist in the Stroke Awards?

It is nice that people think enough of me to nominate me.

How has stroke impacted your life?

Initially it was very difficult but as I was young (29 years old) and fit, but I completely got over it. My second and third strokes I became gradually more affected but kept up my career as a paramedic, where I could use my knowledge of stroke to help people. I talked, treated and looked after many patients who had suffered from major stroke. 

Why is raising awareness about stroke important to you?

I think when people first have their strokes they have to know things will get better. 

What inspired you in your recovery?

I’ve always battled it out by myself. But seeing disabled athletes going fantastically has helped me keep my exercise up and stay fit.

What is one thing you would like people to know about stroke?

Depending on your disability you can get on with your life. Don't worry about what people think. And live your life to the full with your friends and family.