2017 ABBPC Results

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Note – insufficient data for Northern Territory at this stage. Future reports will provide more detail.

2017 Results - National

A record number of Australians participated

There were a massive 521,747 free health checks including blood pressure conducted nationally.

High Blood Pressure remains prevalent

High blood pressure statistics

Top 10 hot spots for high blood pressure

hot spots for stroke

* Note – not all postcodes included.  Only suburbs with a digital health station are recorded.
** Less than 30 checks conducted in these locations


But most people don’t know they have high blood pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is known as a silent killer as there are no visible symptoms. The only way you know you have it is to get a blood pressure check. Alarmingly, a huge majority had no idea of their risk prior to their free health check.

infographic 80 percent dont know they have high blood pressure

High blood pressure is the largest risk factor for stroke
Men have a significantly higher risk of stroke than women. Almost half of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have high stroke risk.


Taking Action
After taking the free health check during 2017 Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check and finding they had high blood pressure or high stroke risk, many Australians made changes to reduce their risk factors.* 

infographic taking action

(*Based on online survey 1 month after health check.)

Bringing positive results
Participants who took action on their health showed a measurable  improvement in rates of high blood pressure.**

(** Based on analysis of blood pressure results of digital health stations repeat users over time.)