Prevent Stroke

Stroke is one of our nation’s biggest killers and leading cause of disability. One in six people will have a stroke, and the impact is often devastating. Stroke can happen to anyone, at any time – changing lives in an instant.

Stroke places significant demands on health services, families and the community.

Preventing stroke is a key advocacy priority for the Stroke Foundation.


  • Stroke kills more women that breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer.
  • Stroke is largely preventable, several of the risk factors for stroke are lifestyle related and can be controlled.
  • The most important known risk factor for stroke is high blood pressure which can be managed through diet, exercise and in some cases medication.
  • One in four strokes are caused by atrial fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat) which can be managed if diagnosed.

The Stroke Foundation’s policy and advocacy focus is on:

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