Save Lives

Stroke can be treated and it can be beaten, but only if patients can access high quality stroke treatment fast. Stroke is a serious medical emergency requiring urgent medical attention, but with the right treatment at the right time, many people are able to recover from stroke.


  • A stroke occurs in Australia every nine minutes.
  • Regional Australians are 19 percent more likely to suffer a stroke than those living in metropolitan areas.
  • Patient outcomes from stroke vary widely depending on where you live and your access to a stroke unit.
  • Despite stroke being identified as a national priority by Australian health ministers in 1996, we are still awaiting the development of a costed national plan to close the gaps in stroke care.

The Stroke Foundation’s policy and advocacy focus is on ensuring:

  • Ensuring every Australian household has someone who knows the signs of stroke and to call 000. Think F.A.S.T. act FAST.
  • A nationally coordinated telemedicine network to ensure all Australians have access to ‘time is brain’ therapies.
  • Ensuring all Australians have access to high quality stroke care, regardless of where they live.
  • A national strategy to guide planning and a funded action plan to support resource allocation for stroke services. This will address the issues of today and challenges of the future.

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