Diverse Communities Project

Improving information, support and outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse communities after stroke.

My Stroke Journey is an information booklet given to people while they are in hospital after a stroke. We are translating My Stroke Journey into 8 languages:


If you are a survivor of stroke, family member or carer from one of these communities, we would love to hear from you. Your story can help other survivors and family members feel understood, supported and represented.

This project will complement our current resources. We have F.A.S.T. and About Stroke fact sheets in 8 languages. Our StrokeLine service uses interpreting services to ensure everyone can access information, advice, support and referral.

Help us ensure all survivors of stroke, families and carers have what they need to achieve their best possible recovery.

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  • Antonio’s story

    Italian-Australian musician and survivor of stroke

    "After three months in hospital and rehabilitation, I walked out of hospital and began life as a stroke survivor. As my health got better, I started doing what I loved most, making music. I began to play one hand piano and channel how I was feeling into songs."

  • Connie's story

    Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking neuropsychologist based in Melbourne.

    She has worked with survivors of stroke in hospital and also supports those at home, referred by their doctor.

    "If you’re a family member, the biggest piece of advice I can give to you is to remember to look after yourself. It can be easy to put all your energy on the person you are supporting. But forgetting your own needs can take a toll. There are many support services to help you."

Antonio and Connie have already shared their story, would you like to join them?

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