2015 Stroke Awards winners

November 17, 2015
The National Stroke Foundation is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 Stroke Awards. This year we received more than 60 nominations and the caliber of entrants was truly outstanding. 

Improving Life After Stroke Award - Wendy Lyons, Victoria

Doncaster East stroke survivor Wendy Lyons has been recognised for her work in setting up a choir to give a voice to aphasic stroke survivors. The Strokeachord Choir, formed in 2010, has been called a lifesaver by the survivors and carers who take part, not only helping their recovery but allowing them to form strong friendships and support networks.

The choir has gone from strength to strength with performances at large public events and on national television and radio. 

Wendy has been the driving force behind the Strokeachord choir and a pillar of support to not only its members but other stroke choirs and support groups around the country. She is a much deserving recipient of the 2015 Improving Life After Stroke Award.

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Creative Award – David Roland, New South Wales

Byron Bay author and stroke survivor David Roland has been awarded the 2015 Creative Award for his memoir How I rescued my brain: a psychologist’s remarkable recovery from stroke and trauma

The memoir draws on David’s experience using his training as a psychologist to devise his own rehabilitation program to ‘rescue his brain’ after stroke.

The book published last year has given hope to countless stroke survivors facing a difficult recovery after stroke, with many describing it as having “found gold.” David is a very worthy recipient of the 2015 Creative Award.

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Fundraiser of the Year Award – Michael Scott, Victoria

Michael Scott has been named Fundraiser of the Year for raising more than $11,000 for the National Stroke Foundation.  Earlier in the year Michael set out from his hometown of Sale in Victoria to ride to Byron Bay in New South Wales, travelling a gruelling 1,600 kilometre bike ride for 11 days. 

Michael was inspired by his two year old daughter Olive, who had a stroke when she was less than an hour old. The stroke caused a severe disability on the right side of her body and damaged the part of her brain that controls memory, language and speech. 

Taking on the challenging fundraising ride, was Michael’s way of giving back for the support provided to his family after Olive’s stroke. Michael is an inspirational and highly deserving Fundraiser of the Year. 

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Stroke Care Champion Award – Dr Rohan Grimley, Queensland

Dr Rohan Grimley from the Sunshine Coast was a very deserving recipient of the Stroke Care Champion Award. Dr Grimley is the Nambour General Hospital based Chair of the Statewide Stroke Clinical Network, and a dedicated and an inspiring advocate for stroke patients. He has been pivotal in shaping acute stroke services across Queensland. 

In addition to his work driving systematic change in acute stroke care in Queensland, Rohan volunteers his time delivering stroke awareness talks in the community, helping to educate people about stroke and the steps they can take to recognise and prevent it.

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A full list of the fantastic winners and finalists is below. 

Creative Award
David Roland (NSW) - winner
Danny Furlong (VIC)
Kate and Jacky Laird (QLD)
Ross Waldron (NSW)

Fundraiser of the Year Award
Michael Scott (VIC) – winner 
Belinda Cipriano & Daniela Mastrocola (WA)
Tony Finneran (NSW)
Alexandra Hall (QLD)
Janet Hoffman (NSW)

Improving Life After Stroke Award
Wendy Lyons (VIC) – winner
Kaddie Alcock (NSW)
Pete Coghlan (WA)
Gudju Gudju (Seith) Fourmile (QLD)
Emma Gee (VIC)
Graeme Hilson (VIC)
Lewis Hoffman (QLD)
Neville Kerr (QLD)

Stroke Care Champion Award
Dr Rohan Grimely (QLD) – winner
Alisha Anderson (WA)
Larissa Andriske (VIC)
Dr Lavinia Codd (QLD)
Sarah Kuhle (QLD)
Rachel Peake (NSW)
Barbara Wolfenden (VIC)