2012 Research Grant recipients

First Round Honours grants

  1. Chantelle Gardiner-Mann – Using human amnion stem cells to treat stroke.
  2. Jessica Cavaye – Effectiveness of interventions to maintain reductions in upper limb oedema.
  3. Shelley Tregea – What make a successful peer-led aphasia support group?
  4. Caitlin O’Connor – Creating a communicatively enriched environment for people with aphasia.

Small Project Grants

  1. Brooke Grohn – Meeting the needs of people with aphasia and their family members early post-stroke to help them live successfully with aphasia.
  2. Kyla Brown – A friend in need is a friend indeed: A Phase II trial of an intervention program for friends to reduce social isolation of people with aphasia following stroke.
  3. Angela Morgan and Mark Mackay – Communication and swallowing problems following childhood stroke.
  4. Coralie English – Exploring patterns of inactivity and use of time in people living with stroke related disability.
  5. Nabeel Sheikh – Stroke prognostication in acute phase impacting upon effective management and rehabilitation.
  6. Claire Layfield – Applying principles of motor learning to dysphasia rehabilitation.
  7. Stephen Robinson – A step closer to preventing brain damage after hemorrhagic stroke.
  8. Kelly Bower – Innovation in stroke rehabilitation: Determining the utility and the efficiency of customised interactive computer games as a modern day therapeutic toll to maximise functional outcomes post stroke.
  9. Jodie Marquez – Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS): A new modality in stroke rehabilitation.
  10. Bruno Meloni – Magnesium plus mild hypothermia as a stroke therapy: assessment using experimental stroke model.
  11. Mardee Greenham – Social competence and adjustment in children following early childhood stroke.


Prevention Award

Coralie English

Clinical Research Development Award

Ms Joanne Murray – Beverage intake and hydration status of stroke inpatients without dysphasia.

Heart Foundation and Stroke Foundation co-funded research grants – Postgraduate Scholarship

Mr Mutsumi Karasaki – Social and cultural aspects of informal care giving: Spousal care of young stroke survivors

Post Doctoral Fellowship

Dr Jacqui Webster – Is legislation the only effective way to get the food industry to improve the nutritional composition of foods?

Dr Bruce Campbell – Imaging of acute ischemic stroke improving patient selection for thrombolysis.