2013 Research Grant recipients


  1. Melissa Cook – Computer-based therapy and Telerehabilitation in Aphasia
  2. Eior Quinn –  The benefits of an in-sole feedback device on walking quality and balance of stroke survivors
  3. Megan Swales – Investigating the perspectives of Speech Pathologists in relation to aphasia rehabilitation post stroke: Improving the clinical usability of a software program for the development of electronic resources
  4. Rosanna Olsen – The role of the complement system in post-stroke corticospinal remodelling
  5. Laura Cubirka – Developing the skills to promote communicative competence in aphasia group therapy
  6. Jamie Rennie – The role of brain vascular flow and white matter lesions in the decline of cognitive ability in older adults

Small project grants

  1. Mark Mackay – Characterizing brain behaviour relationships in childhood stroke using diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging
  2. Frances Batchelor – The presence of balance impairment after TIA or minor stroke
  3. Andrew Bivard – How healthy is brain salvaged from ischemic stroke?
  4. Debra Kerr – Effects of early motivational interviewing on post-stroke depressive symptoms: Pilot randomised controlled trial of the Good Mood Intervention program
  5. Anne Hill – Better access to aphasia rehabilitation for stroke patients
  6. Emma Finch – Using people with aphasia to train health professionals in effective communication strategies over the internet: A Phase II pre=post intervention study
  7. Sirous Mobini – A preliminary Investigation of Effectiveness of Cognitive Bias Modification for Interpretative Biases in the Treatment of Post-Stoke Anxiety
  8. Nadine Andrew – Exploring hospital and early discharge factors associated with long-term needs of stroke survivors
  9. Damien McLeod – Novel mechanisms of ‘Stroke-in-Progression': Intracranial pressure elevation and collateral blood vessel failure after minor stroke
  10. Sharon Hakkeness – Pilot study of development of a utility weighting function for the Functional Independence Measure in stroke rehabilitation
  11. Bernadett Lannen – Brainwaves: The impact of choral singing on community dwelling stroke survivors
  12. Wayne Dite – Finding the best does of exercise for improving walking in chronic stroke survivors
  13. Leon Teo – Cellular proliferation and neurogenesis following focal ischemic stroke in the neonatal and adult nonhuman primate visual cortex
  14. Davide deSousa – Does cycling with electrical stimulation (ES) improve strength and walking ability in stroke survivors? A randomised controlled trial

Clinical Research Development Award

  1. Luisa Hewitt – Stroke Sounds: Music listening in stroke rehabilitation
  2. Michelle Woodger – An analysis of post stroke activity engagement during a multidisciplinary home based rehabilitation (Early Supported Discharge) program