2014 Research Grant recipients

Clinical Research Development Award

Rachel Wenke – Efficient and effective subacute therapy for people with aphasia : How much therapy is enough

Honours Grants

  1. Cassandra Wetzler – Combined physical and sensory training to improve arm function after stroke
  2. Hayden Johns – Statistical modelling for comparative analysis of the factors affecting emergency department care timelines in stroke and cardiac patients.
  3. Janice Tang – Let’s Play! Language action games for constraint induced language therapy
  4. Laura Harris – Does Wii-based movement therapy increase functional use of the more-affected upper-limb in activities of daily living : an actigraphy study
  5. Candice West – Effect of augmenting a home exercise program with insole biofeedback on balance and gait parameters of stroke survivors
  6. Hannah Smith – Quantifying physical, cognitive and social activity early after stroke : how enriched is the acute stroke environment
  7. Kate Murdoch – Does acute exercise promote neuroplasticity in the motor cortex following stroke?
  8. Laura Hundertmark– Increasing intensity of stroke inpatient rehabilitation : a survey of physiotherapists’ attitudes to circuit class therapy and 7-day a week therapy

Small Project Grants

  1. Kathryn Hayward – Use of tRNS as an adjunct to SMART arm training in chronic stroke survivors with severe arm paresis : an exploratory pilot study
  2. Nadine Andrew – The impact of discharge planning on post-discharge stroke outcomes
  3. Di Marsden – Implementation of mood screening after stroke (IMSAS)
  4. Heidi Janssen – Tablets and technology during stroke recovery (TNT)
  5. Andrew Bivard – Validation of contrast free perfusion imaging in stroke
  6. Naomi Cocks – Is reading therapy effective for people who have reading difficulties related to impaired cognition and language after stroke?
  7. Elizabeth Lynch – Investigating the implementation of the assessment for rehabilitation tool
  8. Lucy Thomas – Seasonal variation in cervical arterial dissection
  9. Damian McLeod – Cooling the brain via the skin to prevent intracranial pressure elevation after stroke
  10. Renee Turner – Substance P : a novel target in the treatment of cerebral oedema and elevated intracranial pressure following stroke
  11. Karen Borschmann – Effect of stroke on fermoral volumetric bone mineral density and structure : an experimental model
  12. Wei-Peng Teo – Combined bilateral transcranial direct current stimulation and functional training for stroke rehabilitation
  13. Paul Stapley – Postural adjustments for reaching in hemiparietic stroke patients
  14. Marie-Louise Bird – Pilot RCT to evaluate use of Jintronix rehabilitation system
  15. Christine Shiner – Genetic influences on post-stroke recovery and responsiveness to upper-limb motor rehabilitation
  16. Billie Bonevski – Prevent 2nd stroke : the development and pilot testing of an online lifestyle behaviours program for stroke and TIA survivors
  17. Joanna Diong – Hand contractures after stroke : changes in fascicle and tendon compliance of the forearm muscles
  18. Rachelle Pitt – The feasibility of online aphasia group therapy