2015 Research Grant recipients

Future Leader

  1. Caleb Ferguson
  2. Anne Hill

Seed Grants

  1. Toby Cumming - More Activity, Less Fatigue After Stroke (MALFAS): A randomised controlled trial
  2. Paulette Van Vilet - Effects of aerobic exercise combined with task-specific training on neuroplasticity in (sub-) chronic stroke
  3. Coralie English - Sitting less.  A new paradigm for reducing recurrent stroke risk


Small Project Grants

  1. Jane Maguire - Biomarker characterisation of genetic associations reported in stroke risk
  2. Liam Johnson - Early changes in physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness after stroke : A longitudinal study
  3. Joosup Kim - Communicating disparities in patient outcomes in cardiovascular disease
  4. Karlea Kremer - Preclinical investigations towards the TOOTH clinical stroke trial
  5. Tina Kaffenberger - Optimising stroke rehabilitation : Priming motor learning with physical activity
  6. Michele Veldsman - Understanding network degeneration after stroke to guide brain plasticity based rehabilitation
  7. Jane Cross - Pre-clinical assessment of poly-arginine peptides as a treatment to reduce brain damage following stroke
  8. Michelle Rank - The role of the spinal cord in promoting recovery of function after cerebral stroke
  9. Lucy Murtha - Cooling the blood to prevent raised intracranial pressure and improve outcome after stroke