2016 Research Grant recipients

Future Leader

  1. Erin Godecke
  2. Kathryn Hayward

Seed Grants

  1. Andrew Bivard - Modafinil in Debilitating fatigue After Stroke (MIDAS)
  2. Caitlin Brandenberg - Improving communicative fitness: can a smart phone rehabilitation app increase talking time and community participation for people with post-stroke aphasia
  3. Louise Gustaffson - The impact of MISTRENGTH on community participation after mild stroke
  4. Natalie Ciccone - The Wangi (talking) project: a feasibility study of a culturally sensitive rehabilitation model for Aboriginal people post stroke

Small Project Grants

  1. Christopher Etherton-Beer - "tops":tDCS to optimise participation in stroke rehabilitation - a sham controlled cross over study
  2. Elisabeth Preston - Promoting physical activity after stroke via self-management: a pilot randomised trial
  3. Alexia Rhode - Interrater reliability of language tasks used in the identification of acute post-stroke aphasia: a rational clinical examination approach
  4. Janet Bray - The impact of FAST stroke awareness campaigns on emergency healthcare utilisation
  5. Samantha Siyambalapitiya - Optimising acute transitional care for culturally and linguistically diverse stroke survivors