It all started with a severe headache and blurry spots in one eye.

The next morning, Shaun woke up blind in his right eye. His wife Lauren will never forget the fear, “Our lives changed in an instant… we had no idea how bad things were.”

Over the next few weeks, Shaun suffered from multiple strokes which resulted in full blindness, paralysis on his right side and aphasia.

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Months later, in rehab – Shaun suffered another stroke.

For Lauren this was devastating. “We could not understand why we were going through this again.”

Stroke changes lives in an instant. And for Shaun, he didn’t have the usual stroke symptoms.

Although much has been achieved in diagnosing and treating stroke, there is still so much we need to learn about why stroke occurs… and how we can minimise damage to brains, lives and families.

With the right information, we can stop stroke. And we can save families like Shaun and Lauren’s from the anguish caused by stroke.

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Shaun spent over 5 months in the hospital, with little answers as to what caused this life-altering series of strokes.

Shaun was left to navigate the world blind with little use of his right arm and needing to relearn how to walk and talk. As you can imagine, the journey to rehabilitation and a new normal was gruelling.

You can help change the story for survivors of stroke. Your support will help find better ways of enhancing recovery for stroke survivors and reducing disability.

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