Stroke Foundation Research Grants

Stroke research is a core part of our mission to prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. By supporting research, we are fostering the current and next generation of leaders who will pave the way forward to the next innovation in stroke prevention, treatment and care.

Stroke Foundation’s Research Program funds annual research grants to promote stroke research capacity and generate new stroke knowledge. Since 2008, the Stroke Foundation has awarded almost $4.7 million in research grants to more than 200 researchers.

The Program is overseen by the Stroke Foundation Research Advisory Committee of the Board chaired by a special interest research member of the Stroke Foundation Board of Directors. The Committee includes experienced researchers from across Australia who volunteer their time to drive improvements in stroke understanding.

2020 Research Priority Areas:

To improve access to and delivery of:

  1. long term community support (e.g. continuity of care, health services, and rehabilitation) with outcome measures beyond 6 months; 
  2. interventions for long term psychosocial recovery (i.e. recovery of cognition, communication, and emotional and social wellbeing) with outcome measures beyond 6 months;
  3. health services and pathways of stroke management, including proposals addressing implementation and change in practice (i.e. translation into practice for acute stroke care studies);
  4. support for the diverse needs of Carers.

For notification of Stroke Foundation Research Grant Rounds email:

Types of grants:

Our Research Grant Round has historically offered grants for Future Leaders, Small Project Grants and Seed Grants. 

Small Project Grants are to conduct innovative small scale studies or exploratory research in the key impact areas. 

Seed grants are targeted at pilot or feasibility studies that will be used to inform a larger nationally competitive grant submission (eg. NHMRC project grants).

Once the annual funding pool is approved by the Stroke Foundation Board, the Research Advisory Committee determines the type, priority areas and number of grants to be offered in the next funding round.