Would you like to share research engagement opportunities with survivors of stroke, family members, carers and community members?

Stroke Foundation is committed to promoting research opportunities people with lived experience of stroke.

Researchers can apply to Stroke Foundation to promote or engage with those with lived experience through an application process:

  1. Download and complete an interactive application form relevant to your opportunity:
    Request for lived experience partners

    Request to recruit research participants

  2. Send completed form to
  3. Take our co-designed e-learning module on how to  work effectively with people with lived experience 


Browse current projects recruiting to see examples of external research projects we support.


Consideration of research engagement opportunities 

Applications are assessed according to the following criteria: 

1. The aims and purpose of the research. Considerations include:  

  • Alignment to Stroke Foundation’s vision of “a world free from disability and suffering caused by stroke”.  
  • The potential benefits to people living with, or at risk of stroke.  
  • The relevance of outcomes for survivors of stroke, family members and carers.  

2. Ethical considerations

  • Applications to recruit study participants must be accompanied by a copy of ethics approval from a Research Ethics Committee and the study’s participant information sheet(s).  
  • Applications to partner with people with lived experience through co-design or joining a research team can be considered by Stroke Foundation prior to ethics approval. These applications require at a minimum:  
  • Completion of the e-learning module on working effectively with people with lived experience. 
  • Clear role description. It is recommended that a minimum of two people with lived experience of stroke are engaged in the team. 
  • Clearly articulated support mechanisms for people with lived experience.  

Our Ethical Principles Guide provides further guidance.  

Application outcomes 

  1. Researchers are notified of the outcome of their application.  
  2. Approved applications are promoted through mechanisms deemed appropriate by Stroke Foundation which may include social media, websites and newsletters.   Posted link(s), etiquette and relevant guidance is provided to researchers whose studies are posted on EnableMe. 
  3. Stroke Foundation cannot guarantee people with lived experience will respond to a published opportunity. 

Duty of care and responsibility  

  1. Stroke Foundation endeavours to ensure that all engagement through our research program is undertaken ethically and in line with our guiding principles. Reasonable checks are undertaken to ensure promoted projects have appropriate approval from a recognised body.  
  2. Stroke Foundation is not responsible for externally administered research and is not liable for any claims concerning negligence, harm or oversight that might arise during the course of the research. 
  3. Consent to take part and any questions or concerns regarding the research should be initially directed to the research team contacts provided. 
  4. Stroke Foundation retains the right to remove listings/postings that do not meet the requisite criteria, and/or if complaints are received concerning the research project.

For any queries please contact