What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving is a way for employees to give small, regular donations from pre-tax pay. 

It does not take much for employee giving programs to make an impact - in fact, you probably will not notice the difference to your pay - but with your ongoing support through Workplace Giving you can help Stroke Foundation continue to partner with the community to prevent stroke, save lives, and enhance recovery. 

Many employers also match your donations. 


The benefits of a workplace giving program

Workplace giving benefits employees by:

  • providing an immediate tax benefit by reducing your taxable income;
  • removing concerns about record-keeping as employee donations are automatically recorded on your pay slip.


Workplace giving benefits employers by:

  • boosting morale by demonstrating good corporate social responsibility;
  • providing an opportunity to match employee donations to significantly increase the impact Workplace Giving has on stroke;
  • creating a cost-effective way to build a long-term partnership with Stroke.


How do matched donations work?

Workplace giving

How can my workplace get started?

Contact us today. We would be happy to provide you with more information.

If your employer does not have a Workplace Giving program, Stroke Foundation recommends the following providers:


The Australian Tax Office also provides information on workplace giving programs.


Got questions? Contact us today so we can answer them.​