Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check began in 2014. Initially, it was a one day national campaign, then it expanded to a month long campaign coinciding with World Hypertension Day in May. Download Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure Check 2023 report here

While May continues to be the month where “get your blood pressure checked” is our featured message to Australians everywhere, the campaign has revealed we can’t ever stop our efforts in stroke prevention and has inspired year-long programs to help reduce stroke risk in our nation and save lives. 

We urge Australians to continue monitoring their blood pressure and encourage everyone to motivate their friends, family and work mates to get a health check too – it can save lives.


  • Ryman Blood Pressure Check Van


    with Ryman Healthcare

    Our Blood Pressure Check Van partnership with Ryman Healthcare delivered free blood pressure checks throughout Melbourne Metropolitan and in some regional areas in Victoria from 2019 until March 2020, when the van was forced off the road by COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, with the van’s last checks taking place for Australia’s Biggest Blood Check on World Hypertension Day 17 May, 2021.

    During our partnership,1,064 health checks were conducted – most over just five months before the pandemic hit. About 39% were people under 54 years of age, with 18% between 55 and 64 years and 43% over 65 years of age.

    Of the 1,064 checks, just over half (55%) were found to be at high risk of stroke, with 39% at intermediate risk, and 6% at low risk. Those found to be at high risk of stroke were referred to appropriate GP/primary care services.

    Analysis of the health checks data revealed participant likelihood for being at high risk of stroke:

    • Over 65 years of age: 2.08 times more likely.
    • Between 55 and 64 years of age: 1.23 times more likely.
    • Males: 1.49 times more likely than females.


    The Ryman Healthcare Blood Pressure Check Van proved that a mobile solution visiting communities with free blood pressure checks can make a real difference to improving blood pressure awareness and people taking action to reduce their stroke risk.

  • My health for life


    with the Queensland Government

    To date, more than 520,000 Queenslanders have had their blood pressure measured as part of My health for life program’s comprehensive stroke risk assessment. An average of 35% of people identifying at high stroke risk. Almost 24,000 people went on to complete a specialised lifestyle modification program, with the majority improving their health and reducing their stroke risk

    My health for life runs throughout the year and is funded by the Queensland Government, this program is delivered by Diabetes Queensland in partnership with the Stroke Foundation, National Heart Foundation, Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council, Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland and Queensland Primary Health Networks.

    Visit My health for life website

  • SiSU Health Stations


    with SiSU Wellness

    In partnership with SiSU Wellness, more than 1.2 million free health checks were conducted through our joint promotion of Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check and the free, quick convenience of more than 300 SiSU Health Check Stations found at Priceline Pharmacies and other locations nationally. 

    More than 80% of people who had their blood pressure checked didn’t know they had high blood pressure and were referred to their doctor for further advice. The advanced data collection of SiSU Health Stations revealed heartening results, with around 60% of people who learned they had high blood pressure taking action and returning healthier blood pressure check results in subsequent checks. 

    Download 2018 Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure Check Report

    Download 2017 Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure Check Report