Stroke recovery information

My Stroke Journey

My Stroke Journey (PDF) has all the information you need immediately after a stroke. It explains the different types of stroke, and provides details about stroke treatment and recovery. We also have an Easy English version of My Stroke Journey (PDF)Bayer logo

An introduction to life after stroke and the Stroke Foundation’s services can be found in Life after stroke and TIA (PDF).

My Stroke Journey has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Bayer Australia since 2015. 

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people there is also Journey After Stroke (PDF), produced in partnership with Queensland Health.

EnableMe: stronger after stroke

To help you manage your own stroke recovery we have EnableMe. The EnableMe website is Australia’s largest online stroke community. It brings together:

  • information, videos and podcasts on topics about life after stroke
  • forums and blogs for support and answers from other stroke survivors and carers
  • tools for setting and tracking recovery goals.

Find out more and join the community at

Fact sheets

Our series of short fact sheets provide more detail on the following topics:


Post-Stroke Checklist

The Post-Stroke Checklist was developed to help you talk to your healthcare team about common problems experienced by people after stroke. Fill it out and take it with you to each visit and raise relevant questions with your team.

Post-Stroke Checklist (PDF 905 KB)

More help

StrokeLine’s health professionals provide information, advice, support and referral. StrokeLine’s practical and confidential advice will help you manage your health better and live well.

Call 1800 STROKE (1800 787 653)
EnableMe Ask a health professional