Preventing a second stroke

Preventing Second Stroke: How do I reduce my risk of having another stroke?

Now you have had a stroke or Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA), your risk of having another stroke is higher than someone who has not had a stroke or mini stroke (TIA).

About four in ten people who have had a stroke, go on to have another one within ten years. It is important to reduce your risk of having another stroke.

The ways to reduce your risk of another stroke is the same as for preventing stroke in the first place. However, given you have a higher risk due to your stroke or TIA it is more important you review your risk factors, change to a healthier lifestyle, and take all the medications you have been prescribed.

After a stroke or TIA you should be taking medication to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol as well as medication to reduce the blood from clotting unless clearly advised not to by your doctor.

Information provided below is relevant to help you in preventing second stroke.