App of the Month by Elizabeth Ratcliff from Enabled IT

November 27, 2013
Welcome to ‘App of the month’  from guest blogger and app specialist Elizabeth Ratcliff director of

Elizabeth will be sourcing the latest and greatest iphone and ipad apps that empower people with diverse needs. Before launching Enabled IT, Elizabeth spent about four years as an Apple specialist, and has her finger firmly on the pulse of the app-sphere.


Dexteria is the only app of its kind to assess and develop fine motor skills, reflexes and handwriting ability and takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPad multi-touch interface. Therapeutic hand exercises build strength, control and dexterity using three formats.

‘Tap’ uses your hand to first generate an on screen map of your fingers and thumb, which it then uses to generate finger tapping exercises. As your thumb remains stationary on the screen, the finger points you created light up one at a time and you are required to tap them. This is a timed exercise, increasing in complexity over a series of levels.

‘Pinch’ requires the use of two digits to pinch images on the screen. Each pinch sees the image disappear, with an end goal of clearing the screen completely. Again, complexity is increased over a series of levels to include more and moving objects.

‘Write’ requires the use of your finger or a stylus to trace lower case and capital letters, as well as numbers.

More recently, Dexteria introduced the option of multiple users and the generation of reports. Assessment and progress can be charted and saved in a report for each individual, providing a touchstone for future practise.

An excellent app for anyone who is looking to build and refine fine motor skills.

For more check out Dexteria on iTunes.

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