Gregg and the Kings Park Warriors

November 12, 2019
Gregg was at the gym with wife, Julia, when he started to feel strange and his vision became distorted. Julia wasted no time getting Gregg to the hospital and Gregg will forever be grateful for his wife and the hospital's quick action to administer clot-busting treatment.

Gregg knows that many people aren't as lucky as him and he organises a weekly coffee catch-up for other stroke survivors in the Kings Park area in Perth. Gregg and his coffee club have signed up to Stride4Stroke, and together his team, The Kings Park Warriors, will walk 3kms from the Botanical Café to Zambia Café in Kings Park.

Gregg says, "Our core team is made up of stroke survivors who have been supporting each other for about 15 months. By completing our Stride4Stroke challenge together, we are actually supporting each other for this cause. I am already a very active person, and this challenge is to encourage the other members of our group, and their family and friends to be more active themselves and get a taste of how beneficial being active can be for our brains and bodies. I am really looking forward to seeing the sense of achievement and satisfaction on their faces when we sit down for a second lot of Coffee and Cake at the Zambia Cafe.

I am very grateful for all the hard work the Stroke Foundation and their volunteers do year in year out. Raising funds and making people aware of what a stroke is and how to identify it is the least I can do to help. Plus any excuse to be active."