Fitness for FAST

June 04, 2021

Jasmina Behlic knows all too well the impact of stroke. In March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jasmina was faced with another life change, when she became the carer for her father Ifran who suffered a stroke.  

Having moved from their birth country Bosnia in 1994, the challenges associated with a stroke were amplified with English as a second language for both of them. Jasmina took on the role of carer and translator for her father, and together the duo has made strides in recovery, adjusting to their ‘new normal’ life after stroke.

Her father’s stroke motivated Jasmina to become an avid fundraiser for the Stroke Foundation. She has taken on a number of fundraising events to support and raise awareness of Stroke and F.A.S.T. messaging in the community. In September 2020, she ran 100km in 7 days for National Stroke Week, and raised over $3,100. Jasmina has subsequently joined the Stroke Foundation as a member of the Consumer Council, advocating for and representing the interests of stroke survivors and their families. Her focus on those that are from culturally diverse backgrounds and have challenges with regards to language and cultural barriers.

Jamsina’s latest fundraising endeavour was with her local F45 gym. With her experience and passion, she was able to arrange the fundraiser which reached over 100 members. The day helped create awareness and start discussions within the gym, all while raising $1,189 for the Stroke Foundation on the day. 

We asked Jasmina about her latest fundraiser and why she decided to work with F45 Training Mulgrave.

What motivated you and the team to create your fundraiser? 
F45 Training Mulgrave hosts a regular Heroes Hollywood training session to support a charity. With so many members at F45 Training Mulgrave being affected by stroke, it was a cause close to all of our hearts. Already volunteering with the Stroke Foundation, I was able to provide my full support in planning and on the day for a successful event!  

What has been a highlight (so far)?
The highlight is training alongside each other now knowing we have formed a community of survivors of stroke and their carers that were suffering alone within our F45 community. We did not know how many members of our studio had been affected by stroke in their families until we reached out for suggestions. We have now strengthened our community and support network in many ways! 

What have you found to be the most successful way to share your fundraiser with friends and family?
Social Media! Both personal and professional social media platforms are a great way to connect with your friends and family. 

If you could share one tip with someone else looking to raise funds and awareness, what would it be?
Be passionate and consistent. My social networks know how passionate I am about supporting the Stroke Foundation because I have shared my personal journey together with data and statistics on stroke. If you are passionate about supporting the Stroke Foundation, those around you will support you! 

Have you used stroke foundation resources, and if so, what has been your experience? 
Yes! The first point of contact for this fundraiser was the Stroke Foundation and their Fundraising Events Officer Tara who I had worked with in 2020 during my 100km running event. Tara was able to arrange the Stroke Foundation Resources to help spread the F.A.S.T message and give tangible materials for everyone to take home - that's over 100 people in one day who received information on stroke and the Stroke Foundation.

Click here, if you or someone you know are interested in holding a fundraising event for the Stroke Foundation to promote the Stroke F.A.S.T. and raise awareness for stroke in your community.

Jasmina with the team