Fight Stroke

Fight Stroke is a community campaign calling for Australian Government action on stroke.  440,000 Australians and their families live with the effects stroke every day, the vast majority struggling to get the support they need.  

Stroke was identified as needing national action as far back as 1996, but despite this there has never been funding for a stroke strategy in this country. By joining Fight Stroke you add your voice to the thousands of Australians who are saying that the time has come for action on stroke. The Australian Government must act now.​

Campaign with us

You can Fight Stroke in a number of ways and any action you take adds strength to our community voice for Australian Government action on stroke.
  1. Write to your MP and tell them why action on stroke matters to you
  2. Spread the word about Fight Stroke in your community so others will join the fight
  3. Write to your local paper or call talk back radio to get stroke on the media’s agenda
  4. Consider becoming a Fight Stroke Community Advocate to lead Fight Stroke action in your community.

Recruit others to join the fight

Our campaign is fighting to show Australians why stroke is important and for the Federal Government to do more for stroke, but we can’t do it alone. We need as many supporters as possible if we want to make this happen. Find out how to recruit your friends and family to the fight.

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