Help Tasmania be stroke safe

February 22, 2018
Can you spare some time to help stop stroke? 

Stroke Foundation is seeking volunteers in Tasmania’s south to help spread the word on stroke prevention, the signs of stroke and stroke treatment.

The charity will be hosting a StrokeSafe Ambassador training session next month, empowering local residents to take vital stroke messages out to the community.

Tasmanian Lillian Wong decided to become a StrokeSafe Ambassador after suffering a number of mini strokes or Trans Ischemic Attacks (TIA’s).

“Stroke is a devastating disease and can change lives in an instant,’’ Ms Wong said.  

 “A TIA (Trans Ischemic Attack or ‘mini stroke’) may be a warning of a future stroke, so I wanted to arm myself with as much information as possible to prevent that. In turn, I wanted to share this information with others and potentially save some lives.  

“I am passionate about teaching people to be stroke aware and about the practical steps they can take to reduce their stroke risk,” she said. 

Stroke Foundation Chief Executive Officer Sharon McGowan said StrokeSafe Ambassadors play a key role in educating the community on the signs of stroke and the actions they can take to potentially prevent stroke.

“StrokeSafe talks aim to ensure people understand that a stroke is a medical emergency and fast treatment is vital to survival and recovery,” Ms McGowan said.

“Tasmanian has the highest incidence of stroke per capita in the country, there will be more than 860 strokes in the Denison, Lyons and Franklin electorates this year alone.

“We hope more locals get involved in the program to help us raise awareness about stroke and save lives.”

If you’re in the Eastern Shore, New Norfolk, Huon Valley, Tasman Penninsula or Kingston areas and are interested in raising awareness and becoming a StrokeSafe Ambassador, please contact the Stroke Foundation on 1800 787 653 or via email at
Places are limited and selected volunteers will undergo comprehensive training.

To organise a StrokeSafe Ambassador talk in your area or for your local community group contact