Stronger together ACT election

September 14, 2020

Stronger together - a plan for better connected health care, preventing and reducing the impact of stroke.

The next Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government has the opportunity to deliver better connected health care, reducing the impact of stroke.

Read Stroke Foundation's ACT Election Platform here.

Our platform outlines a path toward better connected health care for ACT residents, preventing and reducing the impact of stroke today and for years to come.

Investments in better hospitals and community Walk-in centres are improving health outcomes for ACT residents. We now have the opportunity to strengthen these efforts by:

 - Continuing the StrokeConnect Follow-Up Service – helping ACT residents to be their happiest and healthiest after stroke.

 - Continuing commitment to the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR) and establishing a Community of Practice for stroke – working together towards world-class health care.

 - Introducing targeted F.A.S.T. education at Canberra’s Walk in Centres to reduce stroke and speed up treatment.

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