Prevention programs

Prevention and awareness programs

The Stroke Foundation is committed to increasing awareness and prevention of stroke. We have developed several programs to improve community awareness of the risk factors and the signs of stroke, and improve the detection and management of blood pressure. These programs can help your patients become stroke safe and we encourage you to share information with them.

  • FAST: the FAST campaign teaches Australians the most common signs of stroke – Face weakness, Arm weakness, and Speech difficulties and prompts them it’s Time to act F.A.S.T. Health professionals are encouraged to use FAST to raise awareness of stroke and stroke prevention with their patients, friends and relatives.
  • My Health for Life (QLD): this Queensland-based program aims to raise awareness of high blood pressure in the community and work in partnership with pharmacies to have community health check stations and information available.
  • Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure Check: enables opportunistic health checks in community settings, including workplaces, pharmacy, community clubs and events, to give individuals a better understanding of their risk factors for stroke.
  • National Stroke Week: each September, there is a week of activities focused on raising awareness of stroke. Free resource packs are available to support workplaces, community groups, pharmacies and health professionals to get involved.
  • Education resources - the Foundation has developed a range of information about stroke awareness and prevention that health professionals can provide to their patients or community.
  • StrokeSafe Speakers – our team of volunteer StrokeSafe Speakers deliver presentations to community groups across Australia on what a stroke is, how to recognise it and what people can do to prevent it.
  • StrokeSafe seminar for health professionals: The StrokeSafe seminar is designed for health professionals delivering stroke prevention sessions. It has all of the support materials needed to deliver a stroke prevention seminar, including downloadable PowerPoint presentation, presenter notes, case studies, promotional flyer, media release and more.

We also work in partnerships and alliances to develop guidelines and advocate for prevention of cardiovascular disease including stroke.