My Stroke Journey

Most people don’t know much about stroke until they or someone they know has one. My Stroke Journey will give you the information you need.

Made for stroke survivors, family members and carers, My Stroke Journey will help your transition from hospital to home and onto recovery. It's complemented by fact sheets about what you can do to recover from the effects of your stroke.

Download My Stroke Journey (PDF)
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How to use My Stroke Journey

My Stroke Journey answers these questions:

  • What is a stroke?
  • How will my stroke affect me?
  • How do I take care of my health after my stroke?
  • What happens when it’s time to leave hospital?

Stories from stroke survivors and families give you an idea of the road ahead. The Strokesaurus at the end of the book explains medical terms.

Working with your hospital stroke team

Your stroke team will use My Stroke Journey to share information with you about your stroke. They will also use it to develop your care plan.

The My Care Plan pages are blue along the top or side of the page. These pages are for recording information about your stroke, your health and your plan to leave hospital.

For family and carers

My Stroke Journey has sections labelled For family and carers. These are for anyone providing support and care to the stroke survivor.

For hospitals

My Stroke Journey support patient education, care planning and the transition from hospital to home. The My Stroke Journey pack is delivered by our partner hospitals and available for implementation to interested sites.

If your hospital would like to find out more about becoming involved please contact or call 03 9918 7231.

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