• Our Family’s Stroke Journey

    Our Family's Stroke Journey has everything parents need to know about stroke in babies, children and teenagers:

    • What is a stroke?
    • How can stroke affect my child?
    • What treatment and care will my child receive?
    • What do I need to know about life after my child’s stroke?
    • What help is available?

    Download Our Family's Stroke Journey

    If you would like a printed copy please contact StrokeLine

  • Childhood stroke signs poster

    Poster that explains how to recognise signs of stroke in children and what to do if a child is experiencing FAST symptoms or other signs that may occur in children.

    View a PDF of the poster

    You can order a copy of this poster free of charge in the store.

We're creating new resources to support survivors of childhood stroke, their families, carers and friends. We'd like to hear about the resources you want & how you want them delivered. Get involved - Find out about the Childhood Stroke Project