Prof James Angus' Story

Prof Jim Angus photo

Prof James Angus 

As President of the Stroke Foundation, Professor James Angus has witnessed, first-hand, just how devastating stroke can be. His life was profoundly affected when he was just a child after his grandfather suffered from a massive haemorrhagic stroke. This left his grandfather hospital-bound for the last 5 years of his life. James’ devoted father visited him in hospital most evenings and took James or one of his four brothers in turn to spend quality time with their grandfather.

Prof James Angus has forged a successful career as a Health Research Scientist. With many years of experience and research in this area, James has a deep knowledge about how far we have come since his grandfather’s stroke. However, he knows that we need to keep fighting and working towards a day when we can stop strokes from happening in the first place.

James’ passion about the life-saving work of the Stroke Foundation has inspired him to thoughtfully leave a gift in his Will. James believes in the importance of giving back to the community and hopes that his gift will help benefit those affected by stroke beyond his lifetime. James feels that including a Gift in his Will is a simple and effective way to make a real difference to our cause in the future.

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