Professor James Angus' story

James Angus

Stroke Foundation President, Professor James Angus AO

As a young boy, stroke affected James Angus’ life profoundly. His grandfather had a massive haemorrhagic stroke and spent the last five years of his life in hospital. James’ devoted father visited that hospital most evenings and took James or another of his four brothers in turn to spend time with him.

During that time, James and his brothers witnessed first-hand just how devastating a stroke can be for families. Decades later, during his professional career as a medical research scientist, James studied the practical aspects of stroke.

“It’s the experience of decent everyday Australians like my grandfather that drives me to help change stroke in this country for the better – so that it no longer has the power to cause the hurt and sadness it does today.”

Although treatment and care of stroke survivors has come a long way since his grandfather’s day – there is still so much more that needs to be done.

When the time came for James and his wife Helen to update their Will after the arrival of their tenth grandchild, leaving a gift to the Stroke Foundation was a natural choice.

“By leaving a gift to the Stroke Foundation in my Will, I hope to free my grandchildren and others from the devastation caused by stroke.”

James hopes others will be inspired to take the same step. He believes it is a simple and effective way to make a real difference to those affected by stroke beyond his lifetime.

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