Nancy Jagger's Story


Nancy Jagger 

Nancy and her family were devastated when her sister-in-law, whilst on her way to work, suffered from a stroke, which left her completely paralysed down the right side of her body.  Her debilitation required 24 hour nursing care which necessitated her having to live in a nursing home until she passed away 3 years ago.

“I don’t think that you have a full understanding of the effects of what a stroke can do to a person and their family until you experience it.  My sister in law underwent weeks of rehabilitation, endeavouring to get her speech and swallowing back and learning how to work her wheel chair one handed”.

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Seeing her sister in law have a stroke through her own eyes has inspired Nancy to thoughtfully leave a gift in her Will to the Stroke Foundation. Nancy hopes that her gift will help them to continue important work into the future by way of getting people to understand their risk of stroke and support to reduce their risk, get the best possible treatment and help fund important research leading to improved care.

“I feel good about knowing my gift is going to be used wisely by the Stroke Foundation in all aspects but mainly to assist those who have unfortunately suffered the debilitating effects of a stroke”.

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