Stroke Foundation Awards

We are excited to announce the finalists for the 2019 Stroke Awards

Thank you to everyone who nominated a stroke survivor, volunteer, carer or health professional in this year’s Stroke Awards. We received more than 60 nominations from around the country and this year the calibre of applicants was outstanding.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to everyone who was nominated in this year's Stroke Awards. You are all heroes of stroke. Keep up your amazing efforts.

It was a tough task, however we managed to narrow the field to the following inspirational finalists detailed below. The winners will be announced at the Stroke Awards ceremony will be held in Melbourne on May 7. 

Stroke Awards Sponsors


Improving Life After Stroke Award – Proudly sponsored by Australian Physiotherapy Association

This award celebrates those who voluntarily dedicate their time to improving the care and support of stroke survivors in the community. This category is open to stroke survivors, carers, and volunteers who are making a big difference to the lives of survivors and raising awareness of their needs.

  • Ms Priya Sharma
  • Mr Bill Gooley
  • Ms Emma Gee
  • Ms Hailey Anna McKirdy
  • Ms Stephanie Ho
  • Ms Sue Bowden


Creative Award – Proudly sponsored by Marmalade Melbourne

This category aims to celebrate stroke survivors’ contribution to creative industries, including writing, photography, music and fine art. The award is open to stroke survivors in the community who are actively pursuing creative achievements. The only requirements to apply for this award are that you are a stroke survivor and you have a specific creative project to share.

  • Mr Dane Peters
  • Ms Lynette Gordon-Smith
  • Ms Maria Lewis
  • Mr Michael Robert Young


Fundraiser of the Year Award – Proudly sponsored by Precision Fundraising

This award aims to recognise a fundraiser who has gone above and beyond to help raise awareness and funds for stroke in Australia. It is open to individuals who have fundraised for the Stroke Foundation.

  • Ms Helen Woodhouse
  • Ms Hannah Crole
  • Mr Lachlan Stephenson
  • Mr Ernesto Diaz
  • Ms Jo Cordell-Cooper


Courage Award

Recovering from stroke can be an uphill battle. The Courage Award recognises the indomitable courage and hope shown by survivors and carers in facing stroke recovery. This category is open to survivors and carers and celebrates individual recovery and resilience.

  • Mr Rob Goyen
  • Mr Shane Isles
  • Ms Tania Shirgwin
  • Ms Tracy and Stephen Ward
  • Ms Brooke Parsons


Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year Award has been created to recognise those outstanding volunteers whose dedicated service has made a significant difference.

  • Ms Shelagh Brennand
  • Ms Denise McGaw
  • Ms Tracey Arendse
  • Mr Kevin English
  • Mr Nic Stephen


President’s Achievement Award

The President’s Achievement Award acknowledges exceptional individuals who have made a significant contribution to Stroke Foundation.

  • Professor Dominique Cadilhac
  • Mr Tony Finneran
  • Professor Mark Brooks


Please note the Stroke Care Champion Award nominations will open later in 2019. The Award will be presented at the 25th Annual Meeting on the Stroke Society of Australasia -  Stroke 2019 in September.

Got a question?

Check out our frequently asked question section and guide for help on making a nomination for the Stroke Awards.