We totally understand that not everybody feels comfortable approaching a local politician or candidate for an appointment. If this sounds like you, here are some other ways to be an effective advocate, and share your passion for stroke awareness. 

  1. Tag them on social media. Tag them in your own posts, or tag them in Stroke Foundation Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn posts.  
  2. Send them an email (example below) and attach our platform document.
  3. Send them a letter and attach our platform document.
  4. Approach MP or candidate informally at a mobile office/listening post or community event.

Here is an example of how of advocates have shared their stores with their local MP/Candidate.


Example email

If you decide to email you local candidate, it is best to personalise your email as much as possible. Here’s is an example to get you started:

Dear [MP or candidate name],

My name is [Insert name] and I am a stroke survivor who lives in [Insert electorate/ suburb].

[Insert your connection with stroke here].

I know the Stroke Foundation is seeking funding from the next incoming Government to continue to raise awareness about the signs of stroke, and to highlight the importance of getting urgent medical attention. I support this initiative because the faster people get treatment, the more likely they will recover well from stroke.

Stroke does not have to be such a burden on our health economy but that will only change if more people can recover well, spend less time in hospital, and require less ongoing care. That is why Stroke Foundation has asked Government to support its StrokeConnect Navigator Program. This investment will mean StrokeLine can answer more important calls, as well as directly support more survivors of stroke as they are discharged from hospital.

As an elected member of our next Government, you can personally make a difference. You can truly save lives.

Thank you and best wishes for your campaign,
[Insert your name]