The benefits of partnership & sponsorship

By supporting the National Stroke Foundation you will help us to save lives, reduce disability and suffering caused by stroke and meet the needs of stroke survivors, their carers and other family members. Here are some of the ways that we can bring a partnership to life and help to deliver on your business or marketing objectives:


  • Strengthen your brand position
  • Differentiate you from other brands
  • Enhance credibility by aligning with a highly regarded national charity
  • Increase emotional connection to your customers
  • Influence consumers to switch brand or purchase over other brands


Mass market

  • Demonstrate social conscience
  • Maximise opportunity for point of sale engagement
  • Connect with your customer on a genuine way
  • Enhance the content of your social messaging



  • Increase market share through differentiation
  • Increase sales by adding to your brand equity
  • Improve loyalty through emotional connection of your customer
  • Increase customer base through events and product placement



  • Develop more giving culture within your organisation
  • Improve staff health and wellbeing
  • Enhance your reputation as an employer of choice
  • Provide a platform for employees to become actively involved in the community


Your community

  • Demonstrate leadership to your peers
  • Inspire others through your commitment to community
  • Enhance your reputation as an organisation who contributes to social issues
  • Define yourself as a supporter of a “Healthy Australia”


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