Joy's Story

Joy lost her husband Allen after he had a massive stroke in 2006. Before stroke took his life, Allen had already experienced a series of ‘mini-strokes’ that began back in 2004.

Joy told us that she believed that research, support, advice and awareness, funded by the Stroke Foundation, helped give her and Allen a precious extra two-and-a-half years of being together:

“The help of the Stroke Foundation was phenomenal. We got such a lot of support and information on diet, exercise; everything we needed to know about living in the shadow of stroke.”

Joy’s dream was to hold an 80th birthday party for her beloved Allen – which they were able to enjoy together with the rest of their family. Allen died after suffering a massive stroke exactly one month after that family party.

Joy always firmly believed that without the Stroke Foundation’s support, the couple would never have been able to celebrate that special day together.

Joy chose to support the work of the Stroke Foundation in a number of ways. She was always happy to share her story in the hope it would inspire others to care as deeply about stroke as she did.

Sadly, we lost a loving, caring and wonderfully compassionate woman when, in March 2012, the day after her 81st birthday, Joy also passed away. She took with her the happy memories of Allen’s 80th birthday and of their life together.

Even now, after her passing, Joy is still caring for survivors of stroke and their loved ones. You see, one of her kindest acts of support before her death was to include a gift to Stroke Foundation in her Will.

Thanks to her generous final gift and act of kindness, Joy’s support of our mission – to prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery – continues. Her legacy to the family she leaves behind and countless families just like hers may well be a world where stroke no longer has the power to take away the things we love.