In 2016, Ben was exploring Hong Kong with his partner Gabby when he began to feel unwell.

No-one could have predicted that just hours later Ben would be in a coma.

A stroke was diagnosed, and urgent brain surgery was performed. Two weeks went by, and Ben was still on life support. He was flown back to Melbourne in a critical condition in an air ambulance.

Ben remembers, “At first, I had no idea what had happened, and why I was not in Hong Kong. I could not make any sounds or move the right side of my body.”

For four long months after his catastrophic stroke, Ben was silent.

Until one day he uttered the word ‘Yes’ and started his road to recovery.

Ben’s stroke had resulted in aphasia, a language and communication disorder that affects 1 in 3 survivors of stroke, and until now – there has been a gap in aphasia support.

That’s why, in collaboration with the Australian Aphasia Association, we created the first-ever Aphasia Handbook in Australia. This Aphasia Handbook is so vital. But it can’t change lives unless we get it to survivors when they need it most.

So right now, we’re asking you to say ‘Yes’.

We urgently need your support to get the first-ever Aphasia Handbook into the hands of those who need it most. This vital resource will provide real-time support for people who have been silenced by this devastating condition.

Ben says, “Aphasia feels like the word I need is on the tip of my tongue, but I cannot quite remember it.”

Will you please donate today and help us get Australia’s first-ever Aphasia Handbook to survivors of stroke when they need it most?