Warren counts himself as one of the lucky ones. He thinks of that day in May 2019 and knows that without the Stroke Ambulance, things could have been very different.

The day seemed to start off just like any other for him. “I was home, alone, getting ready to leave for work. I felt my eyelids closing and I fell to the floor.”

“My son Arron came in and found me. He recognised some of the signs of stroke and called triple zero.”

The specialised Stroke Ambulance arrived at Warren’s house and within minutes, a CT scan was performed, right outside his home!

Warren shares, “In a normal ambulance, we wouldn’t have known what type of stroke it was until we got to hospital. The wait time from the onset of symptoms to diagnosis and treatment is so critical. The Stroke Ambulance was an absolute blessing for me!”

Your urgent donation today will help fund the new CT brain scanner that will help get the next Stroke Ambulance on the road. We know that when it comes to stroke, every minute counts. Donate today

Currently there is only one Stroke Ambulance operating in Australia. With a specialised team on board, stroke patients like Warren can have their stroke diagnosed and treated before they even reach hospital. This greatly boosts their chances of survival and a strong recovery.

This is why the new Stroke Ambulance, equipped with an improved CT scanner, is so critical! It will help more patients receive expert care when stroke strikes. With vital on-the-spot stroke treatment that regular ambulances just can’t provide, your support will help save precious lives.

“This innovative technology does save lives. Without the quick actions of everyone involved in identifying and treating my stroke, my life could have been so different,” Warren says. “I would like to think all of Australia will have access to a Stroke Ambulance one day.”

Will you help us get the next Stroke Ambulance on the road?