It was meant to be a routine surgery, when an artery in Kris' neck burst.

"I remember waking up paralysed and thinking 'what's going on?' It was so frightening." 

Kris was just 35 when he had his stroke, and his world was turned upside down.

The outcome was bleak. He was told he would not recover and need life-long care. Discharged from hospital and left to navigate life after stroke, Kris felt lost and alone.

“Before my stroke, I was living a life of my dreams. To be suddenly bedridden with fatigue, aphasia and paralysis, I felt so alone, without support. I really didn’t get much support on discharge from hospital.”

This is why our crucial services - like StrokeLine - are so important. 

The stroke had taken a physical, mental and emotional toll on Kris. He’d been left to navigate the NDIS service on his own, and told he’d have to wait 12 months to be put in touch with an occupational therapist.

When Kris found StrokeLine there was finally hope. After that first call, he had an occupational therapist appointment within two weeks and Kris could begin his recovery.

“I can’t describe how important this has been for me, not having any support for a whole year would have set back my recovery immeasurably. I wish I’d known about StrokeLine sooner!”

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