It wasn't until Lisa's doctor told her to go to the Emergency Department, that she realised the severity of her condition.

Scans confirmed a stroke, and Lisa's world was turned upside down.

Shockingly, after only a week in hospital, Lisa was discharged with no follow up or rehabilitation mentioned.

"I had no knowledge or understanding of what had happened to me, or what was ahead of me."

This is why our services - like StrokeLine - are so important. But worryingly, StrokeLine is at risk.

We urgently need your help to keep StrokeLine running for the year ahead.

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The stroke had taken a physical and emotional toll on Lisa. But StrokeLine gave her hope.

They listened and understood what she was going through, and provided her with vital information, advice and support.

"I made the call. This was a huge step. One that I didn’t regret."

StrokeLine is a lifeline for survivors of stroke and their loved ones.  But it will cost over $510,000 to keep this lifeline running.

StrokeLine relies solely on generous donations from the community... by people like you.

We urgently need your help to keep this free helpline running.

Together, we can make sure their calls don't go unanswered.

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