Linda was only 20 when she had her first stroke. 30 years later another, more powerful, stroke came out of the blue.

"It happened while I was sleeping. I went to get my son up for school but I couldn't speak.”

We know that when stroke strikes, the entire family is impacted.

For Linda, there was another layer of grief. She'd already lost her son, Christian in a car accident when he was just 18.

"The dam burst for me emotionally. All the grief I'd held inside after losing Christian came out. It was mixed with frustration and fear. I cried a lot and grieved for the person I used to be."

Linda was overwhelmed, she was questioning what this meant for her family and if there was hope for the future.

When it's needed most, you can bring hope to families like Linda's and ensure they have the right support and advice.

We are aiming to raise $185,000 to produce vital stroke resources and information like My Stroke Journey and Fact Sheets to help families in their journey after stroke.

Linda shares, "When I was home, I looked through the fact sheets and other resources I'd been given. They were fantastic, so relevant. The stories of stroke survivors gave me hope.”

Will you please donate and bring hope to survivors of stroke and their families?