“When my beautiful daughter, Adalynn, was a baby, I noticed she never met her milestones on time… Alarm bells went off in my mind,” Caris remembers.

One month later, they heard news that shocked them to their core.

Adalynn had suffered a massive stroke as a small baby!

No one expects stroke in a young person, especially not children and babies.

“I thought that was only something that happened to older people.” Caris shares, “We felt like we were the only people in the world that had a baby who had a stroke.”

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When your baby has a stroke, it’s easy to wonder if you could’ve done something to prevent it.

Caris admits, “I have struggled with this emotion over the years. But paediatric stroke isn’t anyone's fault – never was and never will be.”

Thankfully 7 years later, Adalynn is smashing goals – walking, talking and even playing piano.

She is determined, confident and ready to take on the next goal.

The support from her parents, siblings and network of health professionals has been crucial.

But finding the Little Stroke Warriors community helped the whole family, “It was phenomenal! Just knowing there are other families going through the same experience has been so supporting for us… Knowing you’re not alone...”

When you have the support you need, you can overcome anything.

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A stroke strikes every 19 minutes in Australia – but you can give survivors hope for the journey ahead.

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