“Christmas holds extra significance for our family. It marks the milestone of Elena leaving hospital – a journey of challenges, victories, and the strength of our family bonds.” - Mingjie, Elena’s father

Elena was just two and a half years old when her life was changed forever.

After a seizure at childcare, Elena had a diagnosis that shocked the entire family – a stroke. She was rushed into life-saving surgery to remove the blood clots pressing on her brain.

Elena’s father, Mingjie, remembers the shock and fear, “It was the longest three hours of our lives. Words cannot describe those most difficult moments.”

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For 8 long weeks, Elena’s parents held onto hope, waiting for her to wake up. Miraculously – Elena survived. But her journey to recovery had only just started.

Elena lost full function of her right side, more than half of her brain function, and is unable to eat and swallow properly. This is why your support today is so important.

You can help ensure families like Elena’s have the support and care they need to thrive.

With access to resources like Our Family’s Stroke Journey, StrokeLine and Little Stroke Warriors, you can bring hope to families like Elena’s this Christmas.

Mingjie shares just how important childhood stroke resources are for the whole family, "Providing accessible and age-appropriate resources for children can help them understand and cope with the challenges they may encounter.”

Will you please give the gift of hope to our smallest survivors of stroke this Christmas?