Towards research into combating childhood stroke

July 03, 2023

Brett Cooper, David Brownbill Bequest Society Ambassador 

Brett Cooper is passionate about many things in life.  

This includes his love for travel and archaeology– which is evident from this photo of Brett on top of the Pyramid of the Moon looking at the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. It was taken on his 2019 archaeological tour of Mayan, Zapotec and Aztec sites.

He sat down and reflected on the importance of a personal gift in his Will. We wanted to share this with you. 


Brett’s reflection 

A curious thought struck me during a discussion about an end-of-life bequest at a recent annual Stroke Awards.

It was assumed, as per usual, that I have had some form of personal or family experience with the devastation inflicted by stroke. I have not. Nonetheless, I have always had an understanding about the horror of the impact inflicted both on individuals and their families as they face the challenges of a range of diseases such as: MND, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and in this case, stroke.

Every reader will be aware of the horrendous challenges such an impact presents; yet in the wider community few people are aware that stroke can, and does, hit the very young. The research into this area, let alone appropriate support structures, has been frankly lamentable; and that is why I decided to leave a bequest targeting this area of research to Stroke Foundation. 

Since my bequest is a sizeable one, it will be left in the form of a ‘perpetual bequest’ ensuring that each year Stroke Foundation can bank on a specific grant towards research into combating childhood stroke. It will be established in honour of my parents Norma and Stewart Cooper. I urge all who can leave a small bequest, to do so.

For those fortunate enough to leave a more substantial bequest, please consider doing so in the memory of a loved one, even if they have not been personally touched by stroke.

I can assure you that it is a comforting thought, knowing that as we leave this world behind, we have insured that ‘good works’ will continue in our name or those of loved ones.

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