Australia’s second Stroke Ambulance

August 21, 2023

When the first Stroke Ambulance hit the road in November 2017, it was the first of its kind in Australia as a rapid response medical service. Almost 6 years later, the Stroke Ambulance has saved countless lives by diagnosing and treating strokes right outside patient’s homes.

The first Stroke Ambulance was such a success, that we asked people like you to help us get a second Stroke Ambulance on the road.


Our $100,000 Commitment

Our goal to raise $100,000 will contribute towards the cost the new CT scanner in the second Stroke Ambulance.

This CT scanner is faster, safer and more precise than anything we’ve used before, with:

  • Photon-counting technology, providing precise information about the brain tissue to best diagnose and treat all kinds of stroke.
  • 16-slice CT cutting the scanning time in half and reducing the radiation dose – making the scan much safer for the patient and medical team.

With an entirely new vehicle size, laboratory area, advanced telemedicine and now a brand-new CT scanner, this “emergency department on wheels” will transform stroke services.

The second Stroke Ambulance will also be a blueprint for the rest of Australia, informing all regional and rural stroke-capable ambulances to help save lives across the country.


Wheels in Motion

We know that when it comes to stroke, every minute counts. That’s why development on the second Stroke Ambulance is already underway.

Here is the latest update:

  • The rear module and the truck chassis are currently being fitted out.
  • Seats and the rear stretcher hoist have been installed.
  • Electrical fit out is due to be completed by early August.
  • Work has started with the audio-visual communications installations.
  • The clinical leads have reviewed the Stroke Ambulance layout in person.
  • The clinical work zone drawers and cupboards have been installed.
  • The support poles for the new CT scanner are in.
  • New paramedics are being employed and some will begin training on the current Stroke Ambulance within the coming months. The remaining staff will be employed closer to the launch date.
  • The Australian Stroke Alliance are expecting a go-live date in early 2024.


We thank our wonderful supporters for making this possible, and we look forward to seeing this second Stroke Ambulance on the road!