Young Stroke 2015

July 14, 2015

The National Stroke Foundation strongly supports YoungStroke 2015 in its aim to raise awareness, increase knowledge and share good practice about stroke in young adults to improve patient outcomes.

One in six Australians will have a stroke in their lifetime, this terrible disease impacts men and women of all ages right across the community. In saying that, around 30 per cent of Australia’s more than 420,000 stroke survivors are of working age.

Sadly, the rates of stroke in young people are on the increase largely due to poor control of lifestyle factors and its impact will continue to grow unless action is taken to stem the tide and improve outcomes.

Health and community care/welfare systems are not well set up to manage young stroke survivors, particularly those with high dependency.  Younger stroke survivors in Australia are more likely to have health needs related to falls, pain, concentration and vision that are not being met limiting their return to quality life.

So, how do we stop stroke and how do we improve outcomes of young stroke survivors? Education is a significant weapon in the fight against stroke. Everyone needs to be better educated about how to manage their risks and how to identify a stroke.

YoungStroke2015 will bring together international world-class experts, stroke survivors and carers to enhance understanding about stroke in young people and its impact. It is an exciting step on the journey to stopping stroke, saving lives and ending suffering.

The National Stroke Foundation supports YoungStroke2015 and its commitment to educate people about stroke, and improve treatment and care options for stroke survivors.