My Stroke Journey: information for hospitals

Stroke happens in an instant. Most survivors will have little understanding of stroke and of the health care system.

Stroke survivors need high quality information and support so that they can participate in their treatment and rehabilitation, reduce their risk of another stroke and live well.

Stroke Foundation staff can support hospital stroke teams to ensure My Stroke Journey is delivered to every patient every time.

Email us or get in touch with your local Stroke Foundation contact.

"Information is incredibly important. Access to good information makes a difference to your outcomes throughout your recovery. After a stroke, you need to go from beginner to expert – fast."
- Adrian O’Malley, stroke survivor and Stroke Foundation Consumer Council member 2011 – 2017

My Stroke Journey is delivered by hospital health professionals in the first few days after a person’s stroke.

It answers the questions:

  • What is a stroke?
  • How will my stroke affect me?
  • How do I take care of my health after my stroke?
  • What happens when it’s time to leave hospital?


My Stroke Journey has been evaluated with stroke survivors and carers. 94% found it useful and 74% had referred to it since going home:

“It has everything that anyone wants to know about stroke. Not abridged – complete.”

“Reading other people's stories gave me hope.”

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