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Thanks for participating in Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check.

You are one of over half a million people to take advantage of this free health check. This simple check can alert you to potential health issues or guide your health decisions. But you may not realise that your results also help other Australians.


What we do with the information you provide:

  • ​​​​​​​All data collected via the Victorian BP Van project conforms to Victoria’s strict health data requirements.
  • We house all data securely within Australia.
  • De-identified information – data that can’t show who has completed the health check – is totalled at a national and state level.
    We use this data to show changes in key health issues linked to stroke over time. We publish an annual report of our findings and work with other health groups and the government to make changes for a healthier Australia.
  • Identified information – that is information linked to the email address you have just provided – is available to our team of health professionals on StrokeLine to provide you with advice, support or referrals regarding your health.
    You can contact StrokeLine on 1800 STROKE (1800 787 653). Stroke Foundation does not provide identified information to any third party.
  • If you have selected to do so, we will keep you updated by email with information on stroke prevention and your health, activities of the Stroke Foundation and those of our sponsor Ryman Healthcare.

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Additional information

For additional information about Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure Check, please visit Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure Check