Whether your goal is to be more active, eat better, or take your medication regularly, Living Well After Stroke can help you maintain healthy habits that can improve your health - and reduce your chance of another stroke.

“The program has given me understanding and support on how to create a new goal and how to keep up with it.” - LWAS participant

"It helped me form a new healthy exercise habit. It has given me motivation to set other goals for myself in the future.” - LWAS participant

What is Living Well After Stroke?

The focus of Living Well After Stroke is secondary prevention of stroke, through behaviour change.

Living Well After Stroke is a group-based program that helps you to change your behaviours like healthy eating, physical activity, and taking medications regularly.

The program gives you tips and tools to better your health habits and continue making healthy changes on your own.

Making these changes can help you to stay healthy and reduce the chance of another stroke.


Who can participate?

Eligible participants will be:

  • A Tasmanian Resident
  • Aged 18-years and over
  • Have had a stroke or TIA


What will be involved?

  • Participants will complete 5 sessions over 8-weeks (approx. 1 hour).
  • Sessions are delivered by a trained facilitator via Zoom, or one on one via telehealth phone service
  • A Living Well After Stroke workbook is provided to all participants.




How do I register?

If you are interested in participating in Living Well After Stroke, please complete theregistration form.

Once we receive your registration, you will be contacted by one of the facilitators to confirm your interest, and book you into a day and time that suits you.


Where can I find more information?

Additional resources for download:



For further information regarding this program, please contact the Living Well After Stroke team