What is Living Well After Stroke?

The focus of Living Well After Stroke is secondary prevention of stroke.

The program aims to equip individuals with a ‘toolkit’ of skills and strategies for making positive, healthy changes that last. This could include improving healthy eating, increasing physical activity, or taking medication regularly – based on individual needs.

Who can participate in the pilot?

Eligible participants will be:

  • Queensland residents
  • Aged 18-years and over
  • Have had a stroke or TIA between 3-months and 5-years ago
  • Were discharged home from hospital after their stroke or TIA (i.e. were not referred to inpatient rehabilitation)


What will be involved?

Participants will complete 5 group-based intervention sessions over 8-weeks (online or in-person). Participants will also be asked to complete 3 surveys over the course of the program, and a final survey 8-weeks after the final session, to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.


How do I register for the pilot?

If you are interested in participating in pilot of Living Well After Stroke, please complete the expression of interest form.


Where can I find more information?

Please download the study information sheet and participant consent form.

For further information regarding this research project, please contact the Living Well After Stroke team at

This project has received ethical clearance (GU ref no: 2022/308)