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  • Little Stroke Warriors

    Little Stroke Warriors Australia is a group of families and survivors of paediatric stroke.

    It provides families and carers with a supportive community to help steer them through the journey of stroke recovery.

    Little Stroke Warriors also raise awareness of paediatric stroke throughout Australia, to make sure all paediatric stroke survivors get the treatment and care they need, and that their families are well supported.

    Follow Little Stroke Warriors on Facebook

    If you are a parent, carer or survivor of childhood stroke over the age of 18 you can join the Facebook support group.

    Read about the history of Little Stroke Warriors.

  • StrokeLine

    Contact StrokeLine if you have any questions about childhood stroke. 

    StrokeLine's health professionals provide information and advice on stroke treatment, prevention and recovery. More about StrokeLine and operating hours

    Call StrokeLine: 1800 787 653


  • Childhood Stroke Project

    Together with survivors of childhood stroke, family members and carers, the Childhood Stroke Project is developing resources to support family health and wellbeing, help survivors achieve their best possible recovery and live a good life after stroke.   

    Read more about the Childhood Stroke Project

  • Paediatric Acute Code Stroke (PACS) study

    Stroke Foundation is partnering with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute on the Paediatric Acute Code Stroke (PACS) study. This study will implement a world first protocol to dramatically decrease time to diagnosis and transform the care of children with stroke.

Child safety statement of commitment

Stroke Foundation is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all children. We are an organisation that respects, supports and promotes children’s rights, with zero tolerance for child abuse or misconduct towards a child.

Stroke Foundation is committed to the principles of cultural safety and inclusion of children from diverse backgrounds. We acknowledge certain groups of children are especially vulnerable and take every measure possible to ensure these groups of children have access to support and are empowered to participate.

Stroke Foundation is creating a culture of inclusion and productivity that encourages children to have a voice and participate in decisions made about them. Stroke Foundation will ensure children are supported to speak up and that they understand they will be taken seriously.

Everyone at Stroke Foundation is responsible for helping to create a safe and supportive environment for children. We aim to create a culture of child safety that reduces opportunity for harm and provides our staff, volunteers and students with a clear process to follow when child safety concerns are raised.

Stroke Foundation’s commitment to child safety is implemented and monitored against the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.